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🦄 Barry M Lip Liners🦄

So as per usual, I was in superdrug and they took all my money...but that's a story for another day. ( 🥺 )

But guys, can we please talk about Barry M lip liners please?

I got one in a lip kit I bought last year, and no word of a lie, its so amazing I had to go back, repurchase and get an additional colour.

They are so amazing I even use them as lipstick, just a wash of colour and I go about my day.

The best part is they are only £3.

Im sorry I just can't, £3


I bought 2 shades, 'Russet' and 'Blush', Don't worry, I got you with the swatches.

Creamy, Pigmented, Long lasting, versatile... everything you would want in a lip liner for half the price.

What are you waiting for?


Love you always,

Queen Bee

x o x o

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