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๐Ÿ’„'Building A Beauty Empire' with Vogue ๐Ÿ’„

Guys, this came out a month ago, Im sorry, I am so late Ive been as busy as a bee!!!

British Vogue have had a series for a while now called 'Vogue Visionaries which is a series that talks to some of the most inspirational public figures not restricted to fashion and beauty!

But as you know, I am a fashion and beauty maniac. So I only watched the ones that I was interested in.

They released the episode 'Building a Beauty Empire' with Beauty Youtuber Nikki Tutorials and the legendary london-based Make up Artist Val Garland.

2 Powerful women with amazing careers that have made a mark in the beauty industry? LOVE TO SEE IT!!!

The video was only 13 minutes long split into 3 chapters filled with advice for anyone wanting to have a successful career within the beauty industry...and believe me, I was INSPIRED!!

As well as just having a casual chit chat about their careers, they highlighted key points as food for thought.

And as you know by now, I got you covered, here were the key points per chapter..........


"Finding Your Way In The Industry"

The main two points made in this chapter was:

  • Be open to new opportunities

  • Find your Community/Audience

This was basically about establishing your target audience and being open to where your career will take you. Val mentions that she started in hair and ended up being a make up legend, you never know where your blessings are so go where the wind takes you !


"Connecting With Your Audience"

In the second chapter was very meaty, they talk about how they started and made a point that you don't need a lot of money to start all you need is passion.

  • Connect with your Audience and speak to them directly

  • Don't let anything hold you back

  • Stay Up-To-Date with trends

  • Be Authentic and you will stand out

  • Collaborations are key

  • Embrace change


"Life Lessons"

In this third and final chapter, the ladies talk about life lessons they have learnt from being in this industry. They key points to take away from this section are...

  • Inspiration can be found anywhere

  • Always be prepared to reinvent yourself

  • Be a trend setter

  • Constantly challenge yourself

  • Always do your best

  • Listen to your gut

I enjoyed every second of this video, and would seriously suggest you watch it, it has inspired me to keep going!

Always remember guys, you can be anything and reach any height in this world, you just have to have PASSION.

Love you Forevermore

Queen Bee

x o x o

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