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🤩 Primark Skincare Finds 🤩

Guys, can we talk about primark for a second?

Walked in there out of curiosity not planning on spending anything and look at what I found….


How can you not buy these items?

Micro Dermabrasion Tool - £10

🐝 🐝 🐝- 3/5 Beezzz

I think I need to use this a bit more because I honestly haven’t seen the benefits of it, I think if I use it 3 times a week it’ll do what it claims to do.

It has 3 settings, Moisturizing, Cleansing and lifting, tbh I’ve only tried lifting and cleansing and could literally feel the current, its like a pins and needles feeling, so I guess its doing what it says it does.

3 beezzz for now, I will take before and after pictures for now to 6months and see if any lifting has happened!

Stay tuned!

Face Steamer - £12

🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 4/5 Beezzz

You can’t go wrong with a face steamer, Its going to do what is says its going to do and there is nOt much to it.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it generated steam, very efficient and there is not much of a wait so if you need to steam quickly, it will definitely do that.

The steam is good quality also, but you must remember to use purified water or else you could damage the machine. So all I did was boil water, let it cool and put it in a separate bottle as my purified water.

Very cost effective and will not break the Bank, it is also a good way to see if it works for your skin or not.

4 Beezzz as I was impressed at how efficient the product was and the quality of the steam it produced. It was also easy to use!

Love that!

Skincare fridge - £38

I haven’t opened the skincare fridge yet but what drew me to it was that it had both a hot and cold setting, for that price, that’s amazing.

This is what primark is good at, they know how to deliver good quality products for their customers to see if its something they want to invest in. And thats exactly why I bought this fridge.

I did my research before buying and saw a few expensive options that are in some cases even smaller, NAH.

As I approach 30, I’m looking to invest in quality skincare, and guess where I will keep these products??…In my skincare fridge of course.


No Beezzz yet as I haven’t even got it out the packet, literally bought it this afternoon.

Stay tuned And I will let you know How it goes.

I hope you enjoyed my mini review, If you want to invest in skincare then these products from primark are a good start.

Unfortunately as we all know primark do not have an online shop so I can’t link them, however, I did get all these products from the Tottenham court road branch, and they have plenty.

Go Get Yours!

Love you always and Forever,

Queen Bee

x o x o

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