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🤟🏽Topshop Spiked Kitten Heels🤟🏽

Topshop Jinx Spiked,Pointed Kitten Heel, £25

Are you guys seeing this work of art?

I got these a year ago and I'm still scared to wear them, I just don't wanna mess them up :(

So what does a b*tch do when the shoe is fire?......SHE BUYS THE OTHER COLOUR.

I Just couldn't, they were on sale and I had the spare cash.

They are hella comfortable because of the low heel and make a BANGIN statement.

Ive already planned an outfit for these with my new Michael Kors handbag.

Stay tuned for more styling blogs with all these items because BOY!!!!

Believe it or not I can't find them anywhere, NA NA NA NA NA 👅, JK.


Love ya Always,

Queen Bee 🐝

x o x o

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