🌞 Vogue (September Issue)🌞

Yes Guys.

I am a collector of fashion magazines.

I am a fashion mag hoarder. Lol.

The Vogue September 2021 issue was FIRE!

Of course starting with the cover with Actress Gemma Chan in the Gold 'molten metal' gown by Huishan Zhang.

LOVED the gold theme btw.

Exclusive interviews, Trend focus, GORGEOUS Campaigns from Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc.

I was sat in bed reading the magazine and could not take my eyes off of it, I was is my own world, it was just me and Vogue.

Vogue's content improves every issue and I am here for it!!!!

So if you're on a long journey or just relaxing after a long day of work, get Vogue and indulge!

Its only £3.99 and very much worth it!

Love you lots

Queen Bee

x o x o

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