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๐Ÿ› Yes Lovisa ๐Ÿ›

Hey Guys!

Long time no see?

Well you could probably guess what I did on my day off.....


I went to Stratford Westfield and had a whale of a time!

I was NOT disappointed!

I went into a shop called Lovisa as I have been eyeing a pair of earring for a year now.

I went in there thinking OK, If its still there its meant for me and if it isn't then they weren't for me.

Looked around and there they were, these HUGE gold statement earrings.

I did a mini celebration and purchased them for only ยฃ11.

So I thought, while Im here, I may aswell buy some cuff earrings

Check out the gallery below to see the 2 pairs of earrings I bought today!!

Love you Lots,

Queen Bee

x o x o

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