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✈️ Zambia > Zimbabwe 2022 ✈️


Me and my family went to Zambia for 2 weeks and Zimbabwe for the first time for 1 week.

It was the most amazing experience ever, and what maddest more special is I spent it with my family and got to see extended family that I hadn't seen in about 10 years.

Talk about family reunion 🥳

For the first 2 weeks, we spent intimate time with family members and had alot of fun in the evenings with my cousins.

We had a lot of alcohol and were drunk a lot of the time, but can you blame us? It was Vibezy !

We got to experience, again, a different kind of (More Organic) lifestyle, Unlike London (Obviously) There was a lot more nature and open space lol

Driving around was CRAZY!! Anyone that has been to africa know what the roads are like, no order, nothing, TOOOOO funny!

We ate out at a few of restaurants and there was something to do everyday!!!

We went on speed boat rides, a fabulous safari where we did cheese tasting, we went to an amazing beauty spa called 'Layla's' to maintain our nails, I mean?

We then jetted off to Zimbabwe to spend a week with family we have never met, it was happiness, laughter and vibes at the family BBQ, dancing, (More) Alcohol, I got to see my grandfather again (So happy) and we also went to a snake park. And of course we had to experience the Club scene in Zimbabwe, LITTY COMMITY.

I came back from that holiday so humble and grateful for all the things I have, I saw the world and myself through a new set of eyes and with deep appreciation for my mother making the decision to move to London for a better quality of life.

Haven't been to any of these Locations? DO IT NOWWWWW!

Love you always and Forever,

Queen Bee

x o x o

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